About ECOL

The Evangelical Churches of Liberia (ECOL) is a SIM related evangelical body of 98 local churches spread across 10 church districts in Liberia.  In the late 1970’s SIM missionaries were involved in church planting work in Liberia which resulted into 15 new churches.  At the beginning of the civil war in 1990, foreign nationals were evacuated from Liberia as the country descended into chaos and destruction that would last for 14 years. In 1997, during a pause in the war, local leaders of the planted churches, most of whom were converted and discipled through the ministry of the missionaries, met in Monrovia and resolved to continue the work started by the missionaries.  It was also agreed that the churches be brought under an umbrella group whose task would be to provide leadership and training for the churches, send out volunteers to take the gospel throughout the country, and seek other ways of enhancing the work of ministry amongst the local churches. Thus was born that day the Evangelical Church Union of Liberia (ECUL), which is now known as the Evangelical Church of Liberia (ECOL). The denomination now has over 100 churches spread across the country.  The current leader of ECOL is Pastor Moses G. Paye.

ECOL is a member of Evangel Fellowship International, Association of Evangelicals of Liberia, and CROPP-Liberia.

>ECOL Articles of Faith & Practice (PDF)
>History of ECOL (PDF)

Current Ministry Involvement

  1. Local Missionary Program  -  ECOL recruits, trains and raises financial and material support for home-missions-volunteers who are sent into the interior of the country to plant churches or to provide discipleship support to pastors.
  2. Education -  ECOL currently runs 7 primary church schools. The ECOL Education Committee  provide teacher training workshops, instructional materials, scholarship for teachers, assistance for school building projects, etc.  ECOL is currently undertaking a building project for her own seminary to train pastors and other leaders and potential leaders on a two-year associate degree level.
  3. EQUIP Project  -  Regular training conferences for pastors in rural areas for effective ministry. Rural parts of Liberia have little or no biblical training facilities leaving village pastors with the passion but no biblical knowledge.  Under the project, teams of trained pastors are sent to rural parts of the country to provide regular training seminars several times a year. The Equip project is a SIM funded project.
  4. Other Training Conferences  -  The denomination hosts training programs for youth and young adults, women, and men ministries (bi-annually), and also hosts an annual week program to a four-year bachelor degree level in the near future. -long national conference which brings together representatives of ECOL churches for a period of worship, fellowship, inspiration, equipping, encouragement and review/planning.
  5. Radio Ministry  -  ECOL runs  a radio ministry (since August 2013) on Radio ELWA  preaching and teaching the Gospel to the nation. It’s a faith supported ministry; we raise support to pay for air time on ELWA Radio.
  6. ECOL Scholarship Support  -  We raise financial support amongst ECOL churches to assist SIM’s scholarship program for ECOL.  ECOL also currently supports a family studying abroad (DayStar University, Nairobi Kenya).  Under the scholarship arrangement, ECOL provides financial support to help cover rental and feeding cost for Albert and Priscilla Lloyd for the duration of their study at DayStar while our partner ministry (EAFC - USA) provides the cost of their tuition.
  7. Agro Project  -  Recently clear land in western Liberia for the planting of palm trees and other crops. Proceeds from this project will go towards supporting the running of the ECOL community college when constructed.
  8. District Motorbike project  -  ECOL is raising funds for the purchase of 9 motorbikes (one for each district) to enable national and district leaders, evangelists, and training teams effectively reach churches or other villages in remote areas. Most villages have no access to roads for cars and training teams and district or national leaders have to walk (4-8) to get to remote villages.  Motorbikes remain the best option for reaching most remote villages.
  9. Church Rehab/Building Projects: We raise support to assist ECOL church building/rehabilitation projects. Some of the churches were damaged as the result of the 14-year civil war and need rehabilitation or complete rebuilding.  There is also need to assist new churches with their building projects.
  10. ECOL Car Project  -  We are raising funds for the purchase of a vehicle to facilitate the effective work of ministry.

ECOL Church Districts

  1. Montserrado district
  2. Margibi district
  3. Todee/Careysburg district
  4. Grand Bassa district
  5. Western Region district
  6. Lofa River district
  7. Kongba district
  8. Voijama district
  9. Kolahun district
  10. Porlorwu district