ECOL, like the rest of Liberia, was affected by the deadly Ebola epidemic which devastated the nation.  No doubt Ebola is gone, but its effects will linger on for many, many years.  ECOL lost 45 families to the deadly disease.  There are currently 8 ECOL Ebola survivors and 8 Ebola orphans, plus more than a hundred other families who were also affected by the epidemic in one or more ways including loss of family bread winner, sponsorship in school due to death of sponsor, job, home, just a name of few.  There is also the obvious psychological impact of such a catastrophe.  In the midst of this tragedy we gathered the strength to mobilize for help for survivors, orphans,  and the many others who are affected as the result of the epidemic.  The ELWA Ministries Association (USA) assisted with a generous donation of $1000 which enabled us to immediately reach some of the affected people. 

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Photo Report of the Work of the ECOL Church

Dear Prayer Partners and Friends:
Thanks for all your prayers and mighty supports.
If it has not been your concern and lovely prayers, we would not have done all these.

Please find attached photos report of the work God has used us to do.

1. Pray for materials (Bibles) for the new churches.
2. We need to maintain the church planters with transportation, and supports.
3. the single mothers and victims of Ebola.
4. completion of the Street Girl building project.
5. developing the church land with debris. 
6. tickets for my trip to attend the International Pastors and Minister Conference in New Jersey, USA.
7. prayer for our health and strength.

Water fall Blessings to you,

Pastor Joseph G. Armah, Sr.

RELIEF AID FOR ECOL: January – February 2015

by Pastor Moses G. Paye
March 2015

ECOL relief ministry received and distributed 580 boxes of Mana Pack Rice to 8 churches between January and February this year.  A total of 1085 (710 females, 375 males) beneficiaries benefitted from the relief distribution in all 8 churches.  Because there were more people than food boxes, we made the decision to have two persons to a box of Manna Pack rice...

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Keeping the Light Shining in the Midst of the Storm

by Pastor Moses G. Paye
November 18, 2014

The deadly Ebola outbreak in Liberia is unprecedented, claiming the lives of more than 2800 victims, overwhelming the fragile health system, and bringing the already war-torn nation to its knees in less than a year. Its economic and psychological effect upon the nation is as immeasurable as its grief.  Liberia was ill-prepared for any epidemic of this magnitude because of our recent history of 14 years of war and destruction.  So it was no surprise that we quickly became the epicenter of the deadly outbreak.  Many health workers died of Ebola in Liberia while trying to save others since the outbreak began here in March 2014.  It is worth noting at this point that statistics shows that there was 1 doctor to 100,000 people in Liberia prior to the outbreak, and it is now very evident that Liberia will be in a more serious condition long after Ebola is gone...

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